Wils is a theatre maker and director whose varied work often has at its heart an interest in and exploration of the relationship between audience and performer, space, story and experience.


Sometimes her work is called immersive, site-specific, site-generic or experiential.  It may be all or none of these times at different times - and it is also Just Theatre, in the best sense of the word, in that it strives to create an unforgettable live experience which cannot be replicated in any other medium.


She has created shows on a Shetland ferry, a Berlin nightclub, in woods both dark and beautiful, in cars moving and stationary, on the top floor of an office block overlooking Manchester, in a department store in Watford and in a deserted house in the town where she grew up, to name but a few.  She has made shows for pubs, village halls, nightclubs, tents  - and even theatres.  


Whether it be through eating together, dancing, walking, listening, talking, doing the conga or just sitting and  watching, her work is always reaching out to make a direct and honest connection with her audience, whoever they might be.  


The backbone and muscle of her work is collaboration with other people.  These people are often performers, writers, musicians, choreographers, film makers, sound artists, producers and technicians.  They are also academics, activists, chefs, hairdressers, sex workers, bar staff, shopkeepers, teachers, transport workers and people from all walks of life - wherever each new project leads. 


Wils works as a freelance theatre director, often initiating her own projects with other artists, often responding to stimulating ideas and projects developed by other artists, artistic directors and producers.  She co-founded and ran site-specific theatre company wilson+wilson with visual artist Louise Ann Wilson 1997-2007.  She lives in West Yorkshire.





Photographer: Simon Murphy

Photographer: Simon Murphy